FREE 5 Day Smartphone Video Challenge

11th - 15th May 2020

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The #getDigitalWithVideo challenge is designed to help you get more confident at making videos with your smartphone and help your social media followers better understand what you do.

Starting on Monday 11th May 2020, I am running a 5 day video challenge on Facebook.


Who is this challenge for?

I’d say for all business owners, entrepreneurs, managers and even employees. Basically for anyone who starts to use video to market their business and share their story.

You’ve all heard of the phrases B2B and B2C right? Business 2 Business and Business 2 Consumer. I think that’s out of the roof! People buy from people. Video helps you connect on a much deeper level, build meaningful relationships and help you increase sales much faster.

We all have a product or service that solves someone’s problem – think about it – we’re all still in business as people out there are benefiting from our product or service. 

This challenge is SUPER simple and shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes per day.

All I’m going to do is ask you 1 question every single day for 5 days in a row. And to help, I’ve pasted the questions below so you can prep:

  1. Introduction – Introduce yourself and your business
  2. Share your story – Why did you start doing what you do?
  3. Challenges – What are the typical challenges / problems your customers face and how do you help them overcome them?
  4. Education – Share a golden nugget. Something that can help someone
  5. What’s next? – What is next for you in business?

Why get involved?

      1. One of the most popular FAQ’s I hear is “What do I make my video about!” – well I’ve done your homework here. I’m giving you the ready to record questions!
      2. V+C=P. Visibility + Credibility = Profitability. These videos will kick start your journey to build your visibility and credibility online. Overtime, this will turn into profitability
      3. You may have lots of people who are thinking about using your product or services but not 100% sure, these videos could push them over and convert them to paying customer
      1. Build deeper connections and share another side of you and your business
      2. Eliminate that fear of speaking to a glass – yes, a camera!
      3. And most importantly, it’s FREE! 😉

How to get involved

      1. Join our Facebook Group to get the updates and daily challenges. Click here:
      2. 9am daily a video will be posted on the group with a challenge question.
      3. Grab your smartphone and record your answer. It also may take a few takes and don’t worry about that at all – it’s perfectly normal! Aim for your video to be up to 2 mins max.  I’ll also post some tips along the way to help you!
      4. Upload your video onto your preferred social network (e.g. Facebook, Instagram) and remember to use the hashtag #getDigitalWithVideo so we can see and share your posts to our community.

REMEMBER! The objective of this challenge isn’t to film a Hollywood blockbuster, it’s simply to just be yourself, share your story, boost your confidence on camera and engage with your social network audiences. Don’t worry about titles, graphics etc.(if you know how to, great, go for it!), but keep it simple.


I cannot watch over every single one of you so I will assume you are committed enough to fulfil these tasks – good luck!

Don’t forget to add the #getDigitalWithVideo hashtag to your videos!

See you in the group!

Bhavik Haria | Founder, getDigital